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A Chattel Mortgage or Business Car Loan is a commercial finance option designed to provide flexibility for people in business. Our Business Car Loan is a convenient way for a GST registered business to finance a vehicle that is used predominantly for business purposes. So you'll have the security of knowing the vehicle is an asset of your business.

A Business Vehicle Loan offers you the following benefits:

  • The security of a fixed interest rate over the term of the vehicle loan.
  • A choice of vehicle loan terms, ranging from 1-7 years.
  • Your choice of flexible payment options.



An innovative way to buy a Lexus that gives you all the confidence you need while running a business. We will let you know the Guaranteed Future Value* of your vehicle at the outset, and you have the ability to replace, retain or return the vehicle at the end of your loan contract.

Lexus Ownership Solutions offers you the following benefits:

  • Know your vehicle finance and repayment costs upfront.
  • Know the Guaranteed Future Value of your vehicle at the end of the loan.
  • The option to replace, retain or return the vehicle at the end of the term.



Novated Leasing is a great way for businesses to offer an added incentive to their staff at no extra cost to the employer, by offering a vehicle through salary packaging to their employees.

A Novated Lease offers you the following benefits:

  • A simple and convenient way to attract and retain valuable staff, great salary package incentive for employees with potential savings on servicing and running costs.
  • No residual risk to your business, as the residual value and payment obligations always remain with the employees
  • Simple and convenient, less administration than maintaining a fleet of company vehicles.



Footnotes The information provided by Lexus Financial Services, a division of Toyota Finance Australia Limited ABN 48 002 435 181, AFSL and Australian Credit Licence 392536 is of a general nature and for information only. Nothing on this website constitutes or should be considered to constitute legal, taxation or financial advice. Before making a decision about any of the products and services featured on this website, you should consult with your own independent legal, taxation and financial advisors, who can advise you about your personal circumstances.

* Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) is the minimum value of your new Lexus at the end of your finance contract, as determined by Lexus Financial Services (LFS). If you decide to return your car to Lexus at the end of your term, LFS will pay you the agreed GFV amount which will be put against your final payment, subject to fair wear and tear conditions and agreed kilometres being met.

The Lexus Financial Services Novated Lease product is administered by Toyota Fleet Management, a division of Toyota Finance Australia Limited ABN 48 002 435 181, ASFL and Australian Credit Licence 392536.


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